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Liam's story

Meet Liam. Both of his parents became seriously ill by the time he was 12. He was placed in a care home 25 miles away. His mum died soon afterwards leaving Jake feeling lost and alone, far away and unable to look after his severely disabled dad.

Liam did what he could, but he felt helpless and anxious.  Then, his dad died just before Liam’s 15th birthday.

He felt confused, angry and abandoned and his behaviour suffered.  But the help he needed – that anyone would need if they’d gone through what he had – just wasn’t available.

“I was struggling in school. My behaviour was getting worse.”

Liam’s school referred him to The Eikon Charity, and we chose a suitable mentor for him from the team.  Liam finally had the support he needed to help him come to terms with the loss of his parents. He also joined a youth club run by Eikon where he made new friends.

“This is when I started to feel social after everything that had happened to me. My attitude in school changed for the better.”

Liam even invited some of his school friends along, who got help with their own challenges. Eikon supported Liam to become a Youth Leader, encouraging other young people to take part in activities.

When a child loses a parent, they feel waves of conflicting emotions. Grief effects everyone differently – anger, shock, panic, sadness, fear, guilt and loneliness are all common feelings.  Christmas and birthdays can be particularly hard.

Children affected by trauma such as the death of a parent need somewhere to go, someone to talk to.

Make a donation today so that children like Liam can get the expert help they need when the worst happens.

Chloe's story

Ever since she was 4 years old Chloe has been affected by bereavement, an unstable family, bullying at school and unhealthy relationships. First her little brother Callum was still born, then her great grandad passed away, then her grandparents, who were a huge part of her life, got divorced. And she started getting bullied at school.

“I didn’t understand what I had done wrong to anyone. I felt like I just didn’t fit in. Like a shadow. I had no real friends, and when I thought I did I would just get dropped.”

Chloe felt angry and alone and began to take the anger out on herself.

“I self-harmed, thinking that cutting myself was going to resolve everything. Hurting myself for that short time made everything better”

Eventually when this wasn’t enough, self-harming turned into suicide attempts. In 2014, she fell in love, but the boyfriend she thought she was in love with started abusing her and cheating on her and he introduced her dangerous drugs.

“I was a mess. I’d lost weight and was often running away from home, causing arguments and ending up in the back of police cars.”

In 2015, things reached breaking point and she started to accept help from Eikon. 

“I spent 2 weeks in Eikon’s offices completing my work, in a place where I felt safe.”

Eventually Chloe started cutting ties with her old friendship group, she started a relationship with a new boyfriend who treated her better and she focused on healthy and unhealthy relationships with her youth worker at Eikon. When she was ready to sit her exams in year 11, Eikon helped her to understand how important they were. 

“They let me sit in their offices to do work on my bad days to try and help me get into less trouble and have a smooth end to school.”

Chloe now has a stable job working as a Sales Administrator at an IT company and she has a beautiful three-year-old girl named Isla.  She has also been fundraising for Eikon and in September she jumped out of a plane from 10,000 feet to raise funds so that we can help more young people like her.

“Because of Eikon, my relationships with my family and friends are open and honest. I can portray my feelings and emotions openly…I cannot thank Eikon enough, not just for the help and support they have given me but the support they give every young person that walks through their doors; they really do make the difference.”

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You can send a cheque or charity giving voucher to: The Eikon Charity, Selsdon Road, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 3HP.

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Registered with the Fundraising Regulator